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Daniel Altavilla

Coach and athlete, I am passionate about sports and tourism.

I competed in different sports:
Soccer (AFA) – Street races – Marathon – Trail running 100km – Duathlon – Triathlon (Ironman) – Track 800 and 1500mts (where I currently compete).

I train my Running team in Martinez, (Bs As) and the Nestlé Argentina Running Team 6 years ago. I provided services to the Mercedes Benz Argentina Running Team for 4 years.

I have created and organized different sporting events at a national, South American and Pan American level (Winter Triathlon and Sustainable Marathon).

I was chosen by the COA (Argentine Olympic Committee) to represent the country in Greece 2004 at the IOA (International Olympic Academy).

As a speaker I have participated in different events as a leader and benchmark of the sport. I was able to introduce new sports in the country and attract athletes who were ranked in the top 50 worldwide.

Paola Altavilla

I'm Paola Altavilla, teacher, personal trainer, swimming instructor, therapeutic companion specializing in disability and gerontology, Hatha Yoga teacher, boxing instructor and sports massage technique. I have worked in Spain, Mar del Plata and different places in Buenos Aires. And currently I have my training group and I offer yoga classes to the collaborators of Nestlé Argentina. As an athlete I was a federated volleyball and figure skate player, I also participated in several street races, duathlons and boxing exhibitions.

Marcela Paglialunga
de Marshall

I'm Marcela Paglialunga from Marshall with a degree in psychology, specialist in Eating Disorders, Obesity and Anorexia. Currently I carry out individual and family therapies based on systemic family therapy and using the Gesell camera, working with obesity and eating disorders, improving the quality of life through healthy eating and physical activity. And in the formation of study groups made up of psychologists based on psychoanalysis and systemic family therapy. I am Co-founder of PINCO- Psychologist In Company. In terms of sports, I am a tennis teacher and player representing Argentina in 5 world championships. And an open water swimmer.